donderdag 10 mei 2012


So so. Now, now. Festina Lente has two hundred thousand clickers with her blog! So so! How does she get that for each other? I have only some 7200 from that things! So I sat thinking: what if I go over to English? Then I will have a whole new aim group!! From I don't know how many millions of people! Is't that a good idea of what? And then I will drop in each blog messag a name that gets everybody's attention, for example iPad, yes, the NEW iPad, or Obama or Geert Wilders, and then the clickers will very soon come flocking in as they say! I hesitate to mention other things, but if I don't get enough reactions, who knows what desperate measures I will take! So, that sits!!
(If you use Google translator you can still read me in Dutch or something that looks vaguely familiar...)